The story behind the sound.

It begins in 2011…

Klapa Samoana has been the forerunner in the Pacific of a genre known as Klapa singing. This particular style has its origins in Croatia and is a UNESCO intangible world heritage. It is multi-part unaccompanied singing, known particularly for its simplicity and its fluidity. At first, it was a completely foreign concept and language, but after a few months it became evident that the music was very similar to their own Pacific heritage and that the Croatian culture was also very similar in some aspects, particularly the love of family, land, music and food. After being graciously accepted by the Croatian Cultural Society of Auckland, Klapa Samoana soon found itself performing for dignitaries such as the Croatian Ambassador for the Pacific, various New Zealand members of parliament and also the Prime Minister of Croatia himself.


Artistic expression.

In 2013, Klapa Samoana went on its first international tour to the homeland of Klapa singing, Croatia. There it was received with a reception that cannot be expressed by words. The magnitude of the welcome and the hospitality stunned the group but also presented new sights and aspirations. Now they are not just a music group, but ambassadors and messengers of something bigger, a mission to inspire through music. The lead up to the tour also brought an unexpected amount of support at home in New Zealand, where they found that Klapa music appealed to audiences both old and young. They appeared on National TV on The Good Morning Show and the Tagata Pasefika show as well as radio and newspapers. They have hosted many successful concerts and performed with other leading Pacific talent. At the forefront of this all was the desire to share their unique musical style.

In 2015 they hit a new high on their second tour to Croatia where they become national superstars, with appearances on numerous Television and radio shows as well as the internet. In addition to all the publicity they received, they were recognized by the Croatian Ministry of Culture and were given an award for the promotion of Croatian heritage. As if this were not enough they we bestowed with the honour of having a square named after them in the small town of Zagvozd. They were immediately recognized wherever they went, even at the airport where they were farewell as celebrities.

Now Klapa Samoana has two upcoming tours to Australia before March next year and are looking to travel to South America before they return to Croatia in 2017. In the meanwhile they are focusing all their energies and efforts on inspiring as many people as possible to pursue their goals and make them a reality. They are actively involved in trying to bring the two cultures of Croatia and Samoa closer together, as well as other pacific nations. They hope to create and strengthen not only musical relationships but also political and economic. They have seen the impact that music can have in life and want thousands if not tens of thousands to be inspired by their work and motivated to live their dreams for one never knows just where it might take you.